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When we talk about the Earth,

it's not just words,

these are boots full of mud,

sun-tanned skin,

rinsed by the rain

When we talk about fruit,

it's not just grapes, 

these are the labors of a year,

the gifts of an autumn,

the harvest of a lifetime

When we talk about our wines,

it's not just drinks

these are hands stained with tannins,

blend of the heart,

expression of memories

Marie Pestoury

What is a winegrower's wine?

  1. All the wines that we offer come from the vines that we work, that is to say that we do the pruning ourselves, the fall of the wood, the folding, the mechanical work (in a tractor), the organic phytosanitary treatments, planting, lifting, manual desuckering...

  2. We have a harvesting machine (all our vines are harvested mechanically with the exception of the whites used for Crémant)

  3. Of course, we take care of the vinification and aging,

  4. The barrels we use are made of French oak, produced in France, and even very locally : in Saint Caprais de Bordeaux,

  5. Bottling is done on the property with the help of a service provider bringing a bottling trailer on site - using natural cork,

  6. Labeling and packaging are done by us

Chai Bois Montet_edited.jpg

To see more about our daily life 

We had been lucky enough to be filmed in our daily lives by Art of Lola to create a series of videos illustrating our profession and our passion. These videos are available in the gallery or on the playlist from our Youtube channel

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