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Winegrowers on 38 hectares in organic conversion since 2020, we fully follow the development of the wines from the vine to the bottle.

The 38 hectares that we work with are not all in one piece and include 4 estates, all in the Côtes de Bordeaux appellation's area:

Château La Rose Bois Montet (11 hectares)

Chateau Haut Greyzeau (6 hectares)

Château Du Pin Saraille (12 hectares)

Château La Fleur Moulineaux (9 hectares)

The term "Château" widely used in Bordeaux in the names of the wines, indicates the existence of a self sufficient-exploitation with AOC production  (appellation of origin controlled). It is not about the existence of a real castle but about the nobility of the wine.

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Vignoble Bordelais et ses multiples appellations

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