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A family passion

"My family arrived in Gironde in the 1890s, it was my great-grandmother who initiated the cultivation of vines on a 3-hectare farm  diversified between animals, fruit trees and vines. Over the generations, we have focused more on the vineyard. Then, it was with my wife, Isabelle, that we settled in 1997 with our first acquisition: Château Les Moulineaux. We were the first generation to choose to live by devoting ourselves fully to viticulture.

Today, we cultivate 38 hectares, in conversion to organic farming since 2020. It is an adventure and a story that we write as a family with our eldest daughter Marie, who joined us recently for our greatest happiness"

Bertrand Pestoury, Oenologist 



The seed is planted

Arrived from Dordogne, from a very modest background, the paternal great-grandmother of Bertrand "mémé" left her native village to come and settle in Yvrac. She  initiated the cultivation of the vine with some fruit trees and some animals.


The Pestoury family takes root

The family grew and it was then three generations led  by André and Ida Pestoury who worked on the farm. The first wine Château Haut Greyzeau was created and sold locally.

Rolland et Simone_edited.jpg


A farm to rebuild

In 1956, a historic frost wreaked havoc in Bordeaux, the vines were covered by a meter of snow, many plants died. Everything then had to be rebuilt. Simone and Rolland Pestoury replanted the three family hectares and worked to make Château Haut Greyzeau known. It's a passion they exercise alongside their respective jobs. 

1997 - Today

The vineyard in the heart

For Bertrand, who has walked the rows of vines since he was very young, there is no doubt that he will be a winegrower! He studied oenology in Bordeaux, worked, then one day he met Isabelle.

Isabelle also comes from the Bordeaux vineyards, in Entre-Deux-Mers. She had sworn to herself not to do this job, but love pushed her back into the rows of vines. She relaunched her studies and completed a viti-oeno BTS . 

Thus began the story of Vignobles Pestoury in 1997: Isabelle and Bertrand decided to settle in Yvrac with their first acquisition: Château les Moulineaux. They then extend their exploitation to Château la Rose Bois Montet, Château du Pin Saraille and exploit the three family hectares to perpetuate the family tradition and continue the production of Château Haut Greyzeau, totem of the Pestoury family.

joyeuses fetes 2.JPG

Today a new chapter is being written with Marie, the eldest daughter of Isabelle and Bertrand who has just returned to the farm to continue writing this beautiful family story.

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